Start your own Blog

Another very cheap way to promote your Miessence business is to start your own blog like this one. It does not have to cost thousands of dollars to build or host your blog, Fat Cow (crazy name but great company) can get you up and running in a few hours.

If you use Fat Cow and wordpress to build your blog I can give you all the assistance you need. This blog is hosted by Fat Cow and built in wordpress. To get started just click on the Fat Cow Banner Link on the left hand side bar and in a few short minutes you will have your own URL (Universal Resource Locator) and fully hosted blog or website.

Right now you will also receive a great discount on your hosting plan and there is no need to have already registered your URL they will include this for free as well. If you already have a URL you can still use that here. You will also get unlimited free email accounts with your plan.

Before you start though think carefully about what you want as your URL, this is the web address anyone will be using to find you. It can be anything you like such as your name (like mine is) or a business name you may already own, or how you want to promote your Miessence business. The possibilities are endless as long as someone else has not already registered the URL you are interested in.

You can also have multiple URLs all pointing to the same blog or website, if you choose to do this I still suggest using Fat Cow for your hosting, then register additional URLs through Go Daddy (see link on left hand side bar) for as little as $10 per year you can register as many URLs as you like.

Try it on this blog, the URL is, however try typing into your browser and you will see what I mean.

The content options on your blog or website are endless and you can link your Miessence shopping cart directly to your website for a seamless interaction with your contacts.

If like me, graphic design is not one of your strengths, you can use a service like 99 Designs (see banner on left hand side bar) for almost anything from logos, your own personal business cards and letterheads, to email templates etc.

Personally, in my opinion, this is by far the best way and cheapest form of promotion you will access to build your home based business. It can be great fun too, and there is simply thousands of free resources all over the web to assist you become an expert blogger in no time.

The secret to effective blogging is updating regularly. I recommend adding new posts at least three days a week. This rewards your visitors with fresh information to answer their ‘needs and wants’ questions and search engines will reward you with improved ranking because there is something new and original to catalogue.

If you’re not sure what to blog on, simply share your Miessence story. How did you discover Miessence? Why is certified organics important to you and your family? Write reviews on your favourite Miessence products. On your blog you are the expert.

Keep up to date with health and organic news and explore how it relates to Miessence products. For instance, a health news article on the antioxidant benefits of berries lends itself to a post about BerryRadical. Use the links that are regularly posted on the Miessence Facebook site as discussion starters for your blog.

Related items

  • Social Media

    You may already have profiles active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They are all free to set up and a great way to connect with current contacts and to attract new ones. You can link each of these together so each time you post to say, Facebook, it automatically posts the same message on LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Business Cards

    How many company reps or businesses that you know of or meet have a business card? ALL OF THEM!

  • Text Links

    If you have set up your own website or blog, Text Links are another way to drive traffic to your site. You can use these in a number of ways:

  • Local Markets

    There are literally thousands of weekend markets or organic markets in towns & cities around the world these days. These markets can be a great opportunity to sell Miessence products and either get new Customers to your website or even new Representatives for your team. I would suggest investing in a small flyer you can add into each person’s order with a compelling invitation to visit your website to shop on one side, and an invitation to find out more about the business opportunity on the reverse.

  • What You Need to Know When Doing Markets

    trying to find market stall insurance is tough, there are very few companies that offer this type of insurance and, if they do it’s very expensive. I use AAMI at a cost of approx $200/annum. Many of the others I looked into were over $1000 for the year. If you have an abn, this will be tax deductible for you.
    However, some councils/organisations do have insurance to cover you but, in saying that you don’t know what their policies entail and, if someone trips over your display, marquee ropes etc, you maybe in trouble if they sue you.