Friday, 16 December 2022 13:36

Electric trucks - why are they a revolution in logistics?

concrete mixer truck concrete mixer truck

The electrification of the automotive industry is becoming a reality and no one can deny it. Whether we like it or not, electric cars will displace combustion cars within the next decade. But what about logistics? Does transportation by electric cars make sense?

In this article we will comprehensively answer your most important questions about electric trucks. This topic is most often of interest to businesses which will have to change their fleet of cars.

An innovative and ecological approach to motoring

The entire industry relies on logistics and this is no surprise. Getting goods from point A to point B efficiently is therefore a key aspect of the entire economy. It is for this reason that logistics is such an essential part of the modern world. It is worth noting, however, that logistics, as well as the automotive industry as a whole, is currently going through its biggest transformation in decades.

The changes that are taking place now very clearly draw the horizon of the automotive landscape - electric cars will become the standard, including in logistics. Many businesses are surprised by this, because they can't imagine that an electric car is capable of proving goods on time. This surprise is due to ignorance, so it is worth dispelling any doubts - electric trucks are capable of successfully replacing combustion engine trucks.

Why? Because they not only allow you to get your goods to your destination on time, but they also have a smaller impact on the environment. Fully electric trucks are completely emission-free, which, with the deteriorating quality of the environment, is extremely important. A great example of this is the concrete mixer truck, which is all-electric and stands out thanks to its impressive range, while in its operation it is in no way inferior to combustion trucks. Moreover, it is definitely better for the environment.

A modern look at logistics

Electric trucks are a completely new and revolutionary look at logistics. Modern solutions are capable of stimulating any industry, and logistics and shipping are no different.

The electrification of the automotive industry means that every business (sooner or later) will face the need to upgrade its car fleet. Doing this earlier gives you a considerable advantage over your competitors, who are likely to replace vehicles only when it will be mandatory. Check out the sensational capabilities of electric trucks from Renault today!