Tuesday, 26 April 2022 08:12

The battery is ready for fall

The effect of hot summer and leaving the car under the open sky in the scorching sun, as well as occasional use of the vehicle, may be a reduction in battery life. High temperatures accelerate the phenomenon of its self-discharge. Even if the car moved easily in summer, there is no guarantee that it will not let us down at low temperatures. Therefore, before the fall season, it is worth checking the battery, and if you need to replace it with a new one, e.g. made in Carbon Boost 2.0 technology, which works well in extreme temperatures.

Mandatory check of the battery condition

Drivers who did not have time to take care of their battery in the summer may regret it in the fall. If it was undercharged all the time or was self-discharging, it could be harmful. Why? Too low battery charge may cause irreversible sulphation of the plates and, consequently, even the failure of the battery. That is why it is worth checking its condition systematically. It's also good to know that the optimal battery voltage is 12.7 volts or more. When it drops below 12.5 volts, it can be expected that the discharging battery will soon run out of energy to start the engine. The new generation Exide EBT965P intelligent tester will help to prevent such situations, thanks to which the vehicle's electrical system is checked, the operation of the starter and alternator, as well as energy availability, and you can find out if the battery requires replacement. When it is not possible to use a modern tester, you can check the battery charge level with a voltmeter connected to the cigarette lighter socket.

We charge the batteries

When it turns out that the battery is discharged, an intelligent charger such as the Exide 12/7 will help. Thanks to this device, charging the battery is safe and simple, because it does not require control of the process. Modern chargers, such as the Exide 12/7, set the charging parameters themselves, and also interrupt them themselves when it reaches the optimal level, eliminating the risk of overcharging.

You can also charge the battery with an older generation device. However, then you need to closely monitor the charging process and be careful not to overcharge the battery. This could raise the temperature of the electrolyte and, consequently, even damage the battery.

Driving longer distances saving the battery

To prevent the battery from discharging, it is a good idea to take longer journeys on a regular basis to help maintain an adequate level of charge and to prevent permanent sulphation of the plates. Why exactly long distance? The answer is simple only over longer distances the battery is able to recharge itself efficiently.

Clean battery

Before the new challenges posed by the battery in the autumn season, it is also necessary to ensure its cleanliness. Why? As a result of use, dirt and dust appear on the battery casing or between the poles. Clamps that are neglected for too long tarnish with time, which results in limitations in the flow of electricity. A dirty battery can even self-discharge. To prevent this, you can use a clean cloth and a special clamp brush, which can also clean the clamps. Clamps can also be cleaned with a universal pin cleaner. However, it should be borne in mind that the cleaner in an untrained hand may reduce the diameter of the pin, and then the problem with reattaching the clamp is ready. Therefore, if you are unfamiliar with the operation of the blasting machine, it is better to ask a professional for help.

We replace the battery

If our battery is already old and requires replacement, it is worth choosing the next model to choose Carbon Boost 2.0 technology, used, for example, in Exide Premium or Exide Premium batteries. Thanks to the addition of activated carbon, these batteries have a higher performance and a longer service life. They charge up to two times faster than traditional ones and are great at extreme temperatures.

How to choose the right battery? It turns out that this task can be performed not only with the help of a trusted mechanic or shop assistant, but also by yourself. Then, free tools provided by some battery manufacturers, such as Exide Technologies, which provides a battery search engine on its website www.akumulator.pl, will be helpful. In addition, Exide customers can also use the Exide Battery Finder web search engine, which allows them to find the appropriate battery by VIN, or download the free Exide Battery Finder application for iOS and Android from the App Store and Google Play.