Wednesday, 22 June 2022 10:58

Glass bottles - for which cosmetics they are suitable?

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Glass packaging has been very popular in the cosmetics industry for several years. This is due to the many attributes that contribute to the high quality of the cosmetics contained in the packaging. Many people intuitively choose this packaging, but it is worth knowing why.

The undeniable advantages of glass packaging

There are several important arguments which distinguish glass packaging from plastic packaging. First of all, they protect against external factors such as:
1. Temperature

2. UV rays

3. Light from other sources

All these factors have a destructive effect on some cosmetics, including daily care essentials such as creams. Glass bottles for cosmetics make it possible to protect the product so that it does not lose its nutritional properties. Glass is a safe material because it is inert to the contents of the packaging. Thanks to this, you can be sure that it does not interact with the ingredients of the cosmetic. Plastic packaging does not offer this guarantee.

Guarantee of maintaining high quality of cosmetics

Such a guarantee is important not only for cosmetics such as cream, but also for oil and serum, i.e. all those cosmetics that contain nutritional properties. Exposure to light and therefore high temperature can have a negative effect on the quality of a cosmetic, for example when an oil is exposed to the sunlight, the nutrients can quickly evaporate.

Due to this feature, cosmetic glass bottles are brown, because this color of glass protects cosmetics against UV radiation even more effectively. This is why most cosmetics in drugstores and pharmacies are available in glass bottles of this color. You probably paid attention to this aspect, when shopping at a drugstore.

Glass bottles for cosmetics are a justified trend

It is worth adding that glass packaging has become more popular due to its positive impact on the environment. In this way they fit into the trend of being eco-friendly, which is the main slogan of many brands. However, this is not the only reason. This trend is followed by a practical aspect and an advantage that allows cosmetics containing nutritional substances to be stored in high concentration. They are particularly exposed to changes in temperature, which can negatively affect the quality of the cosmetic and even make it lose all its properties. Cosmetic glass bottles are a modern type of packaging that also boasts an aesthetic design. Depending on the needs, the customer can choose the right size and weight of the packaging to adapt it for own preferences.