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Is Circumcision More or Less Common?

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Circumcision is a surgical way to remove a foreskin that covers the head of the penis in male children. This is a religious and cultural practice in many parts of the world. However, many people also go through this due to several health or medical benefits. 

In the UK, circumcision is an optional procedure that completely depends on whether parents want their baby to get circumcised or not.  You can consult a medical professional to get advice while deciding on it. Choose a circumcision clinic carefully to get the procedure done accurately while eliminating the risks. 

When to get your Child Circumcised?

You can have a circumcision at any age. Early on, after your kid is born or during the first month of life, is traditionally considered the most popular time to perform it. The procedure is uncomfortable, so a local anesthetic is applied to numb the area, and the baby is awake throughout the procedure. 

As kids get older and more conscious of their sexual anatomy, the psychological effects of the surgery worsen, and kids start to feel fear. However, it is better to get your child circumcised in the initial days after his birth to prevent possible infections and medical complications at a younger age. He may experience more trouble and pain if he has to get circumcised as a young or adult person. You can take suggestions, possible risks and benefits of circumcision to make an informed decision. 

Is Circumcision Common?

The prevalence of circumcision depends on the country and culture. It is a more common and important practice in the Jewish and Muslim countries. 

In the UK, circumcision is uncommon, as just 8.5% of males are circumcised. Newborn circumcision is usually conducted for social or religious reasons. Parents in the UK may decide to have their children circumcised for medical, religious and cultural reasons. If there is a problem with the foreskin, some males may need to get circumcised later for medical reasons. 

Male circumcision rates for newborns in the United States fell from 64.5% to 58.3% from 1979 till now, according to studies. In the US, circumcision rates are thought to be around 80.5% on average. 

Twelve nations had circumcision rates that were higher than 99%, including Gaza, Morocco, Western Sahara, West Bank, Comoros, Afghanistan, Iran, Tunisia, Tajikistan, Yemen, and Mauritania. More than fifty other nations had rates lower than 99% but higher than 90%. 

Israel, the Philippines, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Samoa, Ethiopia, Nauru, Cote d'Ivoire, Egypt,  Algeria, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan also have a high ratio of circumcision. However, circumcision is extremely rare, usually 10% or less, in European nations, as well as in those of Latin America and the Caribbean Islands. 

Benefits of Circumcision 

Research has shown that circumcised men are less likely to contract and spread sexually transmitted illnesses like HIV and other infections. Numerous other benefits are also attached to circumcision, which are as follows!

  • Eliminate the risk of penile infection or cancer 

  • Reduce the risk of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

  • Reduce the risk of gland infection, prosthesis, balanitis etc.

  • Prevent HIV and phimosis 

  • Prevent foreskin and hygiene problems 

How is Circumcision performed?

Circumcision is a surgical process in which the foreskin is removed from the tip of the penis in baby boys using various techniques. Before the procedure, the medical professional typically uses local anaesthesia to numb the penis. There are various methods for circumcision. A metal or plastic ring-shaped device is frequently used to force the foreskin out of the penis' head and clamp it. 

The foreskin is severed, and the ring is removed if it is made of metal. In 5 to 7 days, the wound will heal. A strip of suture is tightly knotted around the foreskin if the ring is made of plastic. This forces the tissue into the plastic groove above the penis head. The rings fall naturally from the penis after 5 to 7 days indicating that the treated area has started to heal.

Care after Circumcision

Circumcision is a bit painful procedure for your child. Once it is done, you must take care of your baby to avoid the possible risks such as swelling, bleeding etc. Usually, the healing time takes 7 to 10 days after circumcision. Here are the aftercare tips for a circumcised baby that you must follow!

  • Clean the area gently and thoroughly.

  • Apply petroleum jelly on the treated area frequently

  • Wash the area with soap and warm water

  • Consult a medical professional immediately if you notice any unusual sign

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