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What You Need to Know When Doing Markets

trying to find market stall insurance is tough, there are very few companies that offer this type of insurance and, if they do it’s very expensive. I use AAMI at a cost of approx $200/annum. Many of the others I looked into were over $1000 for the year. If you have an abn, this will be tax deductible for you.
However, some councils/organisations do have insurance to cover you but, in saying that you don’t know what their policies entail and, if someone trips over your display, marquee ropes etc, you maybe in trouble if they sue you.

What You Need to Know When Doing Markets

What you need to know when doing markets
Hints, Tips and Ideas!
(by Miessence Independent Representative Tracey Laberge)

1) Do your research on where you would like to have your stall, i.e.

What type of markets are they?
Are there any other Miessence reps attending?
What is the cost going to be?
Do you need insurance? (recommended)
Will you be indoors or outdoors?
Keep an eye out on the weather if outdoors.
Where will you be positioned? This can affect the amount of people traffic that comes by.

3) Some markets, festivals, expos etc can charge a large stall fee. I know of ones that are over $100 for a 3m x 3m stall. You need to be sure that you’re going to cover your costs to be paying out that kind of money.
Look into markets that are outside of your town. Go to places that don’t offer much, give the people something different. We do well in small country towns and, what a great way to meet country people and see the country side. Just love travelling, it’s almost therapeutic.

We do better at smaller markets, as people don’t have as much to look at and spend more time with you. We have found the very large markets people are in a hurry, the regulars know what they’re looking for and often just walk pass you unnoticed.

4) Get yourself some large banners to display, lawn signs, A-frames etc. Vista Print have a lot of free stuff, you just need to pay for postage. I have free banners, lawn signs, business cards, pens, caps, T-shirts, post cards and the list go on.

Use lovely bright table covers. You need to draw the eye in. You could have seasonal colours too, red and green for Christmas, green for St Patrick’s Day to name a few.

5) Stock wise, don’t over do it! Start with the basics….toothpaste, deodorant, shampoos & conditioner, hand cream, body cream and the more affordable products (people go to markets looking for bargains). Be careful with some of the cosmetics as they will melt in the heat, as will the barrier balm.

Take your own personal products and, use them as testers. People love to try before they buy.

6) If you have a laptop, take it with you and offer to do Internet orders. This way they can use their credit cards to make a purchase.

7) Have plenty of samples to handout. Do up little bags and place your business cards, some brochures, a newspaper etc in them. Reward your paying and returning customers with extra samples, or give them a discount.

You could stand out the front of your stall handing out newspapers to passers by.
Offer hand massages….they are many ideas you could try.

8) If you require electricity, make sure all your appliances, leads etc have been tested and tagged. Many events require you do this.

9) Most importantly, please, please, please stay positive. There have been many markets, festivals etc where you won’t do well. THINK OF IT AS AN EDUCATIONAL SESSION. If people stop by and ask questions but not buy, that’s one more person that has been given the opportunity to know what Miessence is all about. Remember, word of mouth is the best advertising.

Don’t give in….keep going to those same markets, people become curious over time and often come up to you and ask questions. It does pay off over time.
If you do become disheartened, talk to your up-lines, other reps etc to keep that flame going (you can always talk to me too).

10) Be the best you can be, be yourself, and stay focused. As time goes by it becomes easier. Remember, it’s all about the customer. Take the time. Get out of bed a little earlier to give yourself time to setup a good display.

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