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Dorin Compressors for Refrigeration Review

Dorin provides a specialized and complete range of compressors for refrigeration plus air conditioning systems that shall cater to the marketplace needs: above 600 models of semi-hermetic and open type compressors and condensing components, designed and constructed to be employed with HFCs and HCFCs, but as well with natural refrigerants like ammonia (NH), hydrocarbons (HC) and particularly carbon dioxide (CO2).

The commodity variety is completed via two-stage compressors and an extensive assortment of accessories. Competence, dependability, and sturdiness are the main aspects of the Dorin products with the paramount devotion to the superiority of individual components, production cycle, and suppliers.

Quality Standard

To guarantee the highest ethics, the business has a comprehensive variety of field tests in operation. Because safety is vital for hydrocarbon compressors, the organization decided to wait a regular period to appraise the field test runs appropriately and apply for ATEX endorsement, which offers the clients a great and safe credit of the merchandise they shall utilise.

Dorin's merchandises are utilized in abundant applications such as those listed below

  • Industrial refrigeration

Systems meant with compressors in series or in parallel to solve the requirement for air conditioning and refrigeration systems in numerous areas of wherein refrigeration is indispensable.

  • Railway air conditioning

Apparatus employed to cool railway carriages for cargo, cockpits, and passengers.

  • Ice-cream trade

Systems for the making plus storage of ice-cream

  • Marine applications

Systems for maritime use in refrigeration and air conditioning both for ambient keen on commuters and those utilised for the fish processing and storage.

  • Supply

Huge distributors of technical apparatus for air conditioning and refrigeration

  • Industrial refrigeration

Plants for cryopreservation, lyophilization, and refrigeration of medicinal produces, for the preservation of fittings for the conveyance of hydrocarbons, for food processing like cheese and ham making sites


Operating for more than 90 years, run for over half a century by the Dorin family, the business is now prepared to face the third millennium's dares crafting technically flawless, contemporary, and dependable products. Nowadays, Dorin provide a diversified and complete assortment of compressors that can be utilised in numerous applications, from transport to superstores up to the medical and agri-food diligence.

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