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Grinding media

Grinding media Grinding media

Grinding modes are means used to refine materials in a mill. The materials and sizes of the grinding method of your equipment can be determined by the varying features and requirements of the abrasive materials to achieve better results. Masteron Enanthate.

For instance, larger abrasive media are excellent when grinding denser structures whereas smaller abrasive media grind fine particles to a bit smaller size. Denser and irregularly grinding modes efficiently grinds hard materials. Magotteaux Company produces the best crushing media all over the world. The firm produces over 250,000 tones of grinding methods per year, and it has developed solutions against wear in crushing and grinding processes. Magotteaux offers quick supply and delivery of the best grinding techniques worldwide. The company offers various choices of grinding methods to its customers which depend on;

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The choice of grinding mode

The material to be ground always determines the choice of the grinding method. Also, you need to look at the importance of the wear mechanisms in the grinding process and whether there is a risk of abrasion or corrosion. The types of grinding techniques include;

High-Chrome grinding method

High-Chrome grinding mode merges hard chrome carbides with martensitic structures. As a result, this mixture produces a perfect wear resistance against any type of corrosion and abrasion. High-Chrome grinding method also has a better production performance and creates firm milling shapes due to its low corrosion rate. This grinding method is suitable for both dry and wet ores.

Grinding balls

Grinding balls and mainly made of steel and cast iron. The method uses molding and stamping manufacturing techniques which are quite energy intensive and leading to increased costs of the finished products. Magotteaux manufactures produces alloys such as ecomax, maxicrom and low –chromium grinding balls which are best suited to creating less wear and improving efficiency in production.

Ceramic grinding beads

They are used for both fine and ultra-fine grinding processes. Ceramic grinding beads are produced at very quality standards. Thus, beads get the best resistance against wear and breakage by the use of modern technology. 

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