Wednesday, 28 September 2022 11:23

How to tutor English online?

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Online learning has been the most frequently chosen way of acquiring new competences for several years.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic during which all courses and classes at universities were held remotely contributed to such an enthusiastic approach to this form of teaching. Are you a tutor used to traditional methods and classroom teaching? Be sure to read this article to find out how to effectively deliver English lessons for adults online!

How to effectively prepare for an online lesson?

During an online lesson, it is very important to provide the right conditions that are conducive to teaching. The basis of an online lesson is a stable Internet connection and a working laptop with a working webcam and microphone. It is also necessary to have an access to instant messaging applications and to choose the one for conducting online lessons. Besides, even the best lesson plan will not help if you are not in a quiet place with good acoustics. All sounds and intonation must be perfectly audible to the learner.

The perfect lesson plan is the key to success in online teaching

The lack of a plan may be more noticeable in online classes than in classroom lessons. It is also important to consider the possible problems that may occur for both you and your learner. It could be, for example, a malfunction of the microphone. Your lesson plan should always include a plan B. For example, if there is a microphone malfunction during a discussion or a task to improve speaking skills, it can be replaced by reading, just by sending the file and instructions in the chat room.

Use of interactive materials

Online lessons provide a unique opportunity to make use of materials available on the Internet. The use of video and audio materials, as well as the sharing of files on disc and the use of applications, provide many opportunities. Variety is very important during online lessons with adults, especially when the learner takes part in them after work. A good lesson plan should include more interactive elements of the lesson, such as various types of games (draws, roulette, quiz, crosswords). This is also an excellent opportunity to revise material at the end of the lesson or a way to build engagement at the very beginning of the lesson.

Methodology and soft skills

Without the right methods, online lessons can be ineffective. Many tutors use the same methods as in the classroom, which is a mistake. It is also necessary to ensure that communication and its patterns are appropriate, and ideally, this should be done during the first lesson. A ESL lesson plans with ready-made suggestions for materials can be an invaluable help. Check out what you can find on English4tutors!