Monday, 11 July 2016 16:49

Local Markets

There are literally thousands of weekend markets or organic markets in towns & cities around the world these days. These markets can be a great opportunity to sell Miessence products and either get new Customers to your website or even new Representatives for your team. I would suggest investing in a small flyer you can add into each person’s order with a compelling invitation to visit your website to shop on one side, and an invitation to find out more about the business opportunity on the reverse.

A small sign in your stall or a badge simply saying “Ask me now about starting your own Miessence Business” or similar is an unobtrusive way of potentially engaging people in a conversation about your business. If you can ask them for their email address to send a link to your site and the business opportunity video, you are well on your way to new team members or at least new online Customers.

Make sure to give them a business card and a couple of sample sachets of Miessence products to try.