Local Markets

There are literally thousands of weekend markets or organic markets in towns & cities around the world these days. These markets can be a great opportunity to sell Miessence products and either get new Customers to your website or even new Representatives for your team. I would suggest investing in a small flyer you can add into each person’s order with a compelling invitation to visit your website to shop on one side, and an invitation to find out more about the business opportunity on the reverse.

A small sign in your stall or a badge simply saying “Ask me now about starting your own Miessence Business” or similar is an unobtrusive way of potentially engaging people in a conversation about your business. If you can ask them for their email address to send a link to your site and the business opportunity video, you are well on your way to new team members or at least new online Customers.

Make sure to give them a business card and a couple of sample sachets of Miessence products to try.

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    We explored a little in part one, some of the things you can do to help grow your online business that costs you nothing but the commitment of your time. To make the most of your online marketing strategy, there are a few basic principles to follow:

  • Social Media

    You may already have profiles active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They are all free to set up and a great way to connect with current contacts and to attract new ones. You can link each of these together so each time you post to say, Facebook, it automatically posts the same message on LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Start your own Blog

    Another very cheap way to promote your Miessence business is to start your own blog like this one. It does not have to cost thousands of dollars to build or host your blog, Fat Cow (crazy name but great company) can get you up and running in a few hours.

  • Business Cards

    How many company reps or businesses that you know of or meet have a business card? ALL OF THEM!

  • Text Links

    If you have set up your own website or blog, Text Links are another way to drive traffic to your site. You can use these in a number of ways: